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We may be able to answer your questions below, but if you still need assistance, we would love to hear from you! Emailing is the best way, so we can reply with links and attachments, but you can also call us on 215-338-4000. Our normal office hours are Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 5:00pm ET.

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Paul Tripp Ministries, Inc.
7214 Frankford Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19135

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a personal question / I need counseling

We're very aware that Paul's ministry results in many personal counseling questions. However, Paul Tripp Ministries is not a counseling center, and since our goal is to strengthen and equip the local church, it's always our advice to take your personal counseling questions to your pastor, your elder or your small group leader. It's our hope that you will find the help that you need.

I have a question about my order that I placed on

Email and please include your six-digit Order Confirmation number so we can find your order quickly.

I want to subscribe to Paul Tripp's Wednesday's Word email devotional

Go to and enter your email address.

I want to unsubscribe from your emails

Open the most recent email you received from us and click "Unsubscribe / Manage Preferences" at the bottom of the email.

I want to repost some of Paul's material from your website.

You have blanket permission to repost any of Paul's Articles or Wednesday's Word devotionals in either digital or print format, as long as you follow the guidelines below. All other requests must be approved in advance. Email for specific permission.


  1. You credit Paul as the author. You can refer to him as Paul Tripp, Paul David Tripp, Dr. Paul Tripp or Dr. Paul David Tripp ... he's not picky!
  2. You include the following statement with the Article or Wednesday's Word devotional - "This content was originally posted by Paul Tripp on" - and link back to either our Home Page or the specific URL where you found the Article or Wednesday's Word devotional.
  3. You do not charge your readers for the material in any way, even if it's part of a compilation of other content.
  4. You do not alter the content in any way without prior permission.